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We Think Outside The Box.

Although it may be cliche to say so, thinking outside the box is critical for a high piled storage project.  This is because no two projects are alike, and trying to do each project the same can result in significant expense and approval roadblocks.

AIFP can apply for the original code of record of a building to “grandfather” the building to eliminate expense, we offer performance based design as an alternative to the prescriptive based design in the codes and standards, and we can also request alternative means and methods to get projects approved that would otherwise be rejected.

It is critical to understand the full scope of a high piled storage project, and it is critical to hire a firm that can navigate the complexities of the project to minimize your exposure and risk.  Call us today to see how we can help.

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See what others are saying about the issue of high piled storage.  There is risk involved in  not being informed.  Protect yourself today. 

“As a business owner we need consistency. If it’s inconsistent, and you have the unknown, it’s bad for business.”

Brett Mears
Palmer Logistics

“What most tenants don’t understand is that more information is actually better from an underwriting perspective.”

Kyle Schielack
Higginbotham Insurance

“I suspect a lot of those losses are in that area where people are just operating in complete darkness. If the code inspectors don’t catch them, it doesn’t get caught until something bad happens.”

David Wilson
Mehaffy Weber