The Market Demanded It.  We Responded

I hate to admit this, but I used to be part of the problem.  But that’s a good thing, really.  Why?  Because I know the process from all sides.

I started selling pallet racking and shelving to warehouses over 17 years ago. At that time “rack permits” and “high piled permits” were just really being enforced, and as I mentioned above, I didn’t know  what this was.  I was selling pallet racking and shelving without knowing if the  end user could actually store to the height they were buying.  But, we had language in our contracts that put it  on  the end user.  This is still the case, and it is in every part of the process of leasing a high piled storage warehouse.

So I did what every good salesman would do, which is research exactly what it was and start providing that service.  Therefore, in  2010 I quit my job and dedicated myself full time to solving this issue.  Since then I have been educating end users, brokers, property managers, and professional service providers about high piled storage and it’s requirements as well as providing services to  complete these projects.

Today we have this process down to a science, from completing current code tenant move in’s to complex older code projects with significant building improvements needed.  We provide plans and oversee all portions of the project from start to finish.  Together, we make your warehouse move a success.

Pallet Rack Experts

We know what pallet racks are used for, where most other consultants don’t.  Therefore, we assist you to make on the fly decisions in real time to keep you in business.

High Piled Storage Experts

We know the high piled storage code in and out.  We know the requirements, and we know how to design and approvable plan.

Project Management Experts

We take that approvable plan and execute it.  We manage the project from start to finish to ensure a successful project.  We communicate with all parties to keep everyone on the same  page.

Fire Code Consulting experts

We know the fire code in and out as well.  That way we know what other features of your use may impact your occupancy such as fabrication and  hazardous materials.


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